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There are plenty of talented curl stylists out there, and we’re here to help you connect with them. The DevaCurl Stylist Finder is packed with pros in your area who can dry-cut and style curly hair like nobody’s business. To find the right Deva Inspired stylist for you, put in your address and check out the profiles and reviews that come up. Call the salons you like to ask questions or to set up a consultation. After your visit, come back and post your own review. We’d love to hear how it went!

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Salon Descriptions

Devachan salons

Devachan® Salons

For the past two decades Devachan Salon has been a source for curl confidence, and today there are now four signature Devachan Salons—Devachan SoHo (NYC), and Devachan Upper West Side (NYC).

Our expertly trained stylists show up to work each day excited to help you get your perfect curls. But they’re not just here to give you amazing hair—they’ll teach you how to style it at home. Each day, our pros have just one goal: to help you love your curls.

Deva inspired salons

Deva Inspired Salons

A Deva Inspired Salon is home to one or more stylists that are trained in curl-specific services. From entry-level Product Pro to our highest Deva Certified designation you’re bound to find a stylist who will care for your unique curls. There are Deva Inspired locations across the country and more are popping up every day. From coast to coast, we’ve got you covered.

Devacurl retailers

DevaCurl Retailers

Retailers listed here are authorized to sell DevaCurl products, but do not offer any DevaCurl salon services. They may not have everything in the line, so please call ahead if you’re looking for something specific.